12 October 2019 — 7 June 2020

Come and see the New Zealand Maritime Museum's largest temporary exhibition in its 26 years of operation. Tākiri: An Unfurling involves seven contemporary artists exploring early Māori and European encounters through new work inspired by museum taonga.

Historical artefacts meet contemporary art as the national dialogue unfolds 250 years after the first on-shore contact between Māori and the crew of HMS ENDEAVOUR — including the Polynesian navigator Tupaia, and Captain James Cook. 

Through soundscape, photography, illustration, cloth making, weaving and sculpture, each artist explores and confronts the ongoing impact of these historic events. Don't miss out on this unique exhibition that will unfurl new perspectives, 250 years after first encounters. 

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Tākiri: An Unfurling recognises the exceptional feats of Māori, Pacific, and European navigators and voyagers, and much more besides.