Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience at Auckland Zoo by going behind the scenes! You can meet and feed the world's tallest mammal (the giraffe), hand-feed friendly red pandas, marvel at the gentle giant Galápagos tortoise as you treat to them a special afternoon snack, meet the mischievious mob of meerkats, treasure an experience with the squirrel monkeys and capybara and even meet New Zealand's most iconic flightless bird (the kiwi).

You can even become a carnivore keeper for a day, the most immersive behind-the-scenes experience to date! Go wild at Auckland Zoo.


We visited Auckland Zoo today and were very impressed. In our travels we have visited many zoos and this zoo is fabulous. The trails are well marked and there are many zoo volunteers available to answer your questions. The enclosures are well thought out for the animals and the visitors.