14 October

Come along to this one-of-a-kind showcase event which brings together the visionary winemakers of tomorrow, from 40+ cutting-edge artisanal producers with more than 100 wines under one roof, surrounded by New Zealand’s single greatest art collection.

The Art of Wine 2019 will be a dynamic journey through diverse and creative wines, hosted by the artisans who craft them. This will make The Art of Wine 2019 more than just a product showcase. It will be an all-encompassing cultural event attended by the country’s most prolific artists, musicians and media personalities.

There's no better way to spend a Monday than with a few good friends, tasting beautiful wines, paired with inspirational arts!

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The Art of Wine is no ordinary wine showcase. This event will bring together the visionary winemakers of tomorrow from the 40 cutting-edge artisanal producers in the GLV portfolio under one roof, surrounded by art from some of New Zealand's greatest talents.

Great Little Vineyards