RFA Corporate is made up of a talented group of people who keep the wheels turning behind the scenes across all our divisions.  We take care of infrastructure and business support processes to facilitate and enable our businesses to focus on what they do best: creating inspiring experiences for Aucklanders and our visitors.

Our dedicated RFA Corporate team includes the CEO Office, Development, Finance, Facilities & Corporate Property, Information Communications Technology, People & Culture, Risk, Safety & Assurance, Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy. 

This team enables our organisation to find the best, most efficient and most effective ways to share and leverage strengths and resources across our business. We keep a finger on the pulse of latest technology and constantly look to the future to ensure our landmark venues are developed and updated for future generations to enjoy. 


RFA ICT is a great place to work. We're a team of ace trouble-shooters who step in, analyse a problem, address it and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Jeff Deng, Network Systems Engineer