Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) announced today it will issue tender invitations in early 2020 to interested parties for speedway operations at Western Springs Stadium. 

The current venue hire agreement with commercial promoter Springs Promotions Ltd expires on 31 March 2020. A new, two-year venue hire agreement will be signed with the successful operator.  This will be valid through to March 2022, with the option of a limited extension beyond this time.

The announcement follows a significant period of uncertainty about the future of the sport at Western Springs Stadium. As it is not designated as a motorsport precinct under the Auckland Unitary Plan, speedway operations have been limited to 12 race meets and two practice sessions per season.

In 2018, the majority of Auckland Councillors were of the view that a tender process should be initiated. RFA Chief Executive Chris Brooks said the new agreement will be an interim measure for the sport.

"This new tender for the continued presence of speedway at Western Springs will provide Council with the necessary time to fully explore all options for its future. We believe this is the best option during the interim period until a new venue is developed. 

An open tender process to all potential speedway promoters and operators will ensure a fair and transparent process for all.

“The successful operator will be able to apply for a limited extension to the agreement if the new facility is not yet operational at the end of the new two-year agreement period,” he said.

Brooks said the successful speedway operator will need to comply with all operating conditions. They will also need to work closely with resident groups and the Local Board to ensure appropriate feedback mechanisms are in place to deal with any concerns.

As part of RFA’s venue development strategy, Western Springs Stadium is earmarked for development as a multi-use venue to enable greater use and returns for Aucklanders.