As a proud, lifelong Aucklander from the Hibiscus Coast, Vincent’s passion for the city’s heritage finds full expression in his role at the New Zealand Maritime Museum. He studied law at Auckland University before switching to the Classics, gaining his master’s degree in History.

Vincent then joined the public events team at Auckland War Memorial Museum, spending ten years in a variety of roles. As Head of Visitor Services and Protocol, he was responsible for the Front of House, visitor experience, and war memorial and ceremonial activity.

Since becoming Director of the New Maritime Museum in 2015, Vincent has been working tirelessly with his team to secure the future of the maritime heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. Vincent is a Trustee of the New Zealand War Graves Trust.

We are entrusted with a unique heritage facility that is an incredible asset for Auckland. Our focus is on enhancing the museum’s value and contribution to the city, while living our passion and mission – to explore and unite people with the sea.

Vincent Lipanovich