With zoo and museum experience in the UK and Australia, Jonathan knows how important it is for a city to have a strong culture and heritage network of institutions. In particular, Jonathan’s focus to date has been on the incredible outcomes that are possible when visitors are thoughtfully connected with wildlife and the natural world.

His previous roles include Director of Auckland Zoo, Executive Director of the Australasian Zoo Association, representing over 70 zoological institutions across Australasia. He has degrees from London University and Macquarie University (Sydney). Jonathan is also involved in international wildlife conservation initiatives, sitting on the Board of Trustees of the global wildlife data organisation, Species360, and being a member of the Advisory Committee of the conservation planning group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

I strongly believe in the importance of RFA’s role in enriching life in Auckland. Though the experiences we offer, we engage millions of people with the arts, environment, sport and our heritage, and help build a better connected community.

Jonathan Wilcken