Innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Barnes is the mastermind behind the four-day week, which made headlines around the world. He is a director of Complectus Limited, which holds Perpetual Guardian and other trustee businesses; the director of Coulthard Barnes; and chair of New Zealand payroll provider PaySauce. Earlier in his career, Andrew was chairman of at the time of its IPO on the ASX; CEO of Bestinvest, a US$5.7 billion, UK-based investment management and advisory company whose sale to private capital Andrew led in 2007; and MD of Australian Wealth Management Limited, which he led to IPO in 2005. Andrew holds an MA from Selwyn College, Cambridge and an ACIB (UK), and is a sought-after international keynote speaker on subjects including governance, philanthropy, business leadership, entrepreneurship, company culture and change management.